Cerberus 1.2 and 1.3


I’ve few cerberus mainboards. Some are 1.2, some 1.3. What is the difference (harware, schematic ?).

With eyes I can’t distinguish them (but the tag!).

The loader button?

No both have loader button … (if one has not I should have seen it ! Or my glasses have to be changed … :open_mouth: )

Maybe that was 1.1

There is something around the R15 area I spotted, but whether that’s a real diff … GHI can only tell … I recon not much, if any …

BTW, on the product page you have an 1.1 version with proper socket letters for sockets 5 & 6, mine has not … it uses US Y for socket 6 and CS Y on socket 5, whereas 1.2 has PSU X and PCS X for resp. socket 5 and 6. But, do work normally ok with 4.3.4 … I tried the RS21 didn’t work of course … user mistake … oops …

1.1 seems to not have loader button. Mine have.

I will see what is r15 on schematic

There is probably no difference but look at the product page of the cerberus real close and you’ll see a diff between 1.2 and 1.3 at least optically … the picture is from a 1.2 version, and you’re right my 1.1 has no boot button either …