Cerb40 UART

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I have one question about Cerb40 or Cerberus, does It support both UARTs in current firmware, or not ?

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What do you mean by both UARTs? The current firmware that is available here:http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=7187 Has COM 2 (UART2) and COM 3 (UART3) and Cerbuino Bee makes use of COM 1 which is (UART6) on the Cerberus Firmware. Please note that COM1 is only exposed on Cerbuino Bee and is the XBee UART pins.

To follow up on my last post, COM 1 would be available on Cerb40 as Pins PC6 and PC7 are exposed.

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that’s what the information requested :slight_smile: So current 4.2 Cerberus version supports 3 UARTs ? That’s cool and I’m very happy about the Cerbs family.

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Since there are 3 uart could some one tell me which pin are which.

COM 1: PC6 and PC7
COM 2: –
COM 3: –


This link is found on the product page on catalog http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=FEZ_Cerb40_Developer

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I’ve edited the wiki here: http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=FEZ_Cerb40_Developer#Pinout to reflect the usage of PC6 and PC7 for UART1; however, I can only guess that PC6 is TX and PC7 is RX. Could one of the GHI guys verify which is which and update the wiki?