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Cerb40 - Reset pin function



I am trying to find out what the function of the reset pen is.
What happens when it is connected to the ground? Just restarting the application, erasing the application or …? Does it have any function in combination with the LODR pin?

Sorry for this possibly stupid newbie question. I couldnt figure it out from the documentation or the forum posts.

Regards, Sinan


On it is own it just resets the whole board. If loader is tight to ground before resetting, the board will boot into loader mode.


I have just connected the loader pin to +3.3v and it worked. Did I do something wrong?

I thought, reset to the ground and loader to +3.3v.


Yes, sorry I meant LOADER to VCC (3.3V).

It is always good to check the schematics for Cerbuino for example since it is the same family and these pins are connected to buttons there:


Thanks for the clarification.

Cheers, Sinan


You are welcome!