Cerb40 installation

Still trying to get past the very first project here.

For one, I don’t have a FezCerebus, I have the Cerb40. The documentation does not seem to handle this case.

In the hello world example, it seems to download via usb, and then sits there forever saying “waiting for device to respond” or something in the VS debug window. No stop button option. Had to unplug it to get the IDE to recover.

The example goes on saying “include the following references” well all those references are not listed. (and yes I installed all the stuff). Is the doc out of date?

Are there any example projects for the Cerb40 here?

If I start the “gadgeter” template, it does not list the device. Only the Cerberus mainboard.

Not sure what to do.

Please don’t start multiple threads for the same question in different forums areas.