Cerb40 II MF 4.3 SD Card doesn`t work!

Cerb40 II MF 4.3 SD Card doesn`t work!

This is my code:

SDCard sdCard;

sdCard = new SDCard(); <----- Always generate Exception
’System.Exception’ in GHI.Hardware.dll


@ candelo - Do you have the SD card inserted when you call mount?

Yes! the SD card is inserted and all wiring is OK!

The error occurs before call mount() method.

This line generates the error:

sd = new SDCard();

@ candelo - Do you have any other SD cards you can try?

Yes, I have 2 SD Cards,

  1. Verbatim 4GB HC
  2. Kingston 4GBHC

Both works perfect on my computer.

Do you think that is a hardware (wiring, SD, etc…) problem?

@ candelo - My initial guess would be to check your wiring. We have tested numerous SD cards on the cerb-family and they all work.

it raises exception when create object means connection not good, check your wires, or you need re-format it on PC again.

@ Dat - I see that you always recommend to reformat SD Card on PC. What about formatting it with NETMF?

If that method is not good for any reason, how hard would it be for you to include such an option in your libraries?

is Working now! Thank you. My SD Card socket was damaged.

@ Dat - Can you answer my question? :slight_smile:

@ iamin -

That because in case you can not mount in NetMF. If you can mount and format in NETMF successful, then you don’t need reformat by the PC.

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