Cerb40 II Loader problem

Is there a problem with the Cerb40 loader which comes with Version 2015 R1 Pre-Release 3?
I loaded several times (successful) the new dfu file comming with the new release on a brand new device ( loader installed). After installation of the new loader, the device does not respond to FEZ-Config (device not visible in device manager). The only way to communicate with the device is in dfu mode (LODR pin high).

Any suggestions? Problem with new version? Am I doing something wrong (followed loader install instruction like always)
Can I check loader install from dfu utility?
Can I download somewhere loader file for testing without reinstalling older sdk?

Remark: I installed the new firmware version on another device without upgrading the loader (factory installed loader FEZ-Config warns me that I should upgrade the loader, but everything seems to work ok!

Any help appreciated

Since all you’re doing is putting a loader onto the device, I’d suspect one of two problems - the loader is corrupt in the SDK install (which is a low chance in my view) or the process is loading it incorrectly. I haven’t updated the loader on a Cerb with the beta3 yet, I’ll try to give it a whirl tonight

@ LGOR - To be sure, what steps did you take to update the loader? The only way to get the old loader is to reinstall the old SDK.

Hi John

Followed instructions on: https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/46/fez-cerb-family-developers-guide:

  • LODR pin high + power up
  • Erase device STDFU tool (successful)
  • Load loader.dfu from new toolkit + download to device (successful)
  • powerdown device and remove LODR bridge
  • device does not respond after power up
  • when re-applying high to LODR pin I can repeat the loader programming and device responds as expected as long as I stay in dfu mode

Is it not possible to send the dfu file for “production” loader (I can select the file in the STDFU tool !). This would be nice for testing.


@ LGOR - Before erasing, did you click create from map?

@ John

Apparently I didn’t ! After erasing with “create from map” everything works fine.
Final question, is updating to required because everything seems to work fine with older loader.

Thx for great support (even for stupid errors !)

@ LGOR - It is highly recommended that you update to