Cerb40 can't be powered by stay along battery

My Cerb40 can’t be powered by stay along power bank battery via USB.
But it can be powered by PC USB, very strange.
What wrong with it???
Very very frustrating…

How much current does it draw?

I have found that power bank batteries stop outputting if the current drawn is too low. I had this when trying to run with a MiFi modem. When the modem was in standby the battery pack would power off the output.

They are really designed for battery charging which typically draws either 500mA or 1000mA for a large part of the charge cycle.

Have a look at the LipoRider Pro from Seeed Studio. I use this with a Cobra 2 WiFi board and the 6000mA battery and it works really well. You can even still debug with it whilst charging etc.

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Thank you Dave McLaughlin:
I change to other power bank.
Seems work. But still have some problems.
I will post the other thread.