Cerb40 BKPSRAM and RTC

We are trying to implement an RTC in a Cerb40 and also save some data in BKPSram memory (backed with vBat).

We have placed the 32khz and the battery of 3v3. Because cerberus does not have “premium” with “RealTimeClock” and “Power”, The question is if the only available option is access through registers and the memory map.

Before crash me :slight_smile: Could someone confirm if the correct way is setting the defined registers in following ranges (0x4002 4000 - 0x4002 4FFF) for battery backed RAM, and (0x4000 2800 - 0x4000 2BFF) to setup and run RTC?

Thanks in advance!

Does ST examples include RTC? I think Aron already done some drivers.

All day finding and reading from ST… with no results :slight_smile: I will try to find out more.

I hope Aron give us news about drivers.

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Any word from Aron? Looks like we may have to roll our own for a lot of things. Has anyone ported the RNG driver, or at least stm32f4xx.h and/or stm32f4xx_rng.h? I’ll be happy to post it when I have something useful, assuming it hasn’t been done already.

I talked to Aron but he is busy with SD drivers for few days

Ok, so the past two hours of my life hasn’t been wasted! Working feverishly on getting stm32f4xx.h ported, then on to stm32f4xx_rng.h/.c and hopefully some random number generation and testing. Any suggestions as to formatting, etc.? I haven’t worked with the GHI source much, but I’d like my additions to be easily added if they are useful.

I think we will demonstrate RTC by providing a managed driver using register class. This will be going on codeshare.