Cerb40 and full CAN support

Hello. I bought Cerb40 because I need small device for CAN communication. I have Panda II and there is full CAN support. So I thought Cerb40 has full support CAN too. But Cerb40 is not premium device and he has only comunity CAN “driver” (http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=8402&page=1#msg106684).

And there is a problem. This drivers haven’t got events for incoming messages. So I am looking for way to do that. I found manual http://www.st.com/internet/com/TECHNICAL_RESOURCES/TECHNICAL_LITERATURE/REFERENCE_MANUAL/DM00031020.pdf and on page number 679 is CAN registers chapter. And on page 686 is CAN INTERRUPT REGISTER.

But I don’t know how continue. How respond on register change. Can it be done from managed code or from native code? …Please help.

Didn’t you post about this already? Multiple posts will only give everyone more work and will give you less answers.

Modifying the firmware is complex task. There are few posts on the forum about it. An example http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=10691
We also have porting NETMF ebook under support that should help.

What I recommend is to use Panda or use the managed drivers provided. They do not have events for data received, you can loop and read fro the message. This of course require you to set the hardware filters (using Register class) so you are only receiving the message you need. And also assume the message you need comes very few times a second.

You can also build a better driver using RLP but you still can’t raise events in RLPLite (only RLP on premium can). What you can do is build a buffer in RLPite to store your messages that you then read from C# repeatedly.

If you can read messages, then you could create a thread for reading the messages, and then when it receives a message it can fire an event you have created.

@ Gus - Panda II is good but Cerb40 is better to me. Because I made this board https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/WzkuU5r9Etu2QvSMRjCtw_wNXfo3L3I8nCUbInd2eEs?feat=directlink. But without full CAN is not Cerb so good. It is a pity that it does not premium support. I have board for Panda II too. But it is more expensive and need more space.

Modify firmware is too hard to me. If I make a loop for reading messages I don’t know how many messages I can read in one second. I can miss some message, can’t I?

If I can solder USBizi’s tiny pins I will make my own board with premium library. But I can’t. This is reason why I used Cerb40. But I didn’t know Cerb isn’t premium :-(.