Cerb40 1.1 eagle file?


It seems that the eagle file of the CERB40 1.1 has been removed from the web site.
No more resources tab on the page :

Does anyone know where i can download them ?



Hi Xavier

https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/450 has the eagle files - there are no significant changes except the standard inclusion of the 3v3 regulator and RTC crystal, which only had footprints previously

Thanks Brett for your reply.

Is Q2 The RTC ?
I imagine we can also remove the C21 and C22 caps.
And leave the tracks as they are ?

So if, I remove Q2, C21, C22, IC2 (regulator) and its caps C5 and C10, i’ll get a 1.1 version ?

I’d like to do a slighty modified version of the 1.1 version. Replacing the mini usb by a 2 pins header, D+ and D-.
Which is why i wanted to start from the 1.1.


Q2 is the RTC crystal, yes. I would not remove the caps - not saying it won’t still work, but on all other boards I’ve seen that don’t place the xtal, they still place the caps.

But the answer to your question, if you remove those items you’ll get a v1.1, the answer is NO. The v1.1 had all those components in the schematic, and it had all those components on the board design, but a constructed V1.1 module simply did not have those components physically placed on them. The Cerb40 v2 used different footprint components in those roles and a different physical layout on the board, and placed those components by default.

There is no difference in using the V2 schematic as your starting point, and you’ll probably get to the same point if you started with the 1.1 schematic. And the physical layout is totally your choice ! If using a header instead of a USB socket is the only change you want, and you’re externally powering the device with 3v3 power, then the only thing you need to do is replace the USB socket with an appropriate pin header and don’t place the components you don’t need (Q2 + VREG; I’d leave the voltage regulator capacitor, you can’t have too much filtering there :slight_smile: )

I see, that makes sens.
Thanks a lot Brett for your reply.