Cerb + LCD in dashboard of car

Here’s my little project I wanted to share.

My car had an analog clock in the middle of the center dashboard. I’ve never liked the clock and always felt it was cheap looking. Recently it quit working and i immediately started looking for something cool to replace it with. Ironically, the 1.8" LCD fits neatly in the area vacated by the clock so a project was born.

In short, i gutted the original clock but kept the housing. A Fez Cerberus plus the 1.8 LCD fit neatly in the housing with room to spare. I attached the USBDP red module to the back of the housing and used some black vinyl to fill the gaps between the square LCD and the round clock hole.
For now I’m only displaying static text for testing purposes but now that the hard part is done I can code something interesting!

Anyone have ideas or suggestions on things that may be cool to display?
Pictures attached show the before, during and final product.


Looks very cool!

Would be nice to combine with an OBDII Module!

@ dekes1 - Check this out


You’ve convinced me - adding the OBD interface is a necessity!