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Cerb Analog Inputs


Hello All,

The Cerb chip as multiplexed analog inputs. When the chip is sampling an input are the others electronically disconnected from the chip (i.e. floating)?

E.g. I have 2 variable resistors R1 and R2 connected to A0 and A1. Both resistors are connected to VCC. If I vary R1 it will affect R2’s reading; and I don’t think R2(D2) would like that :slight_smile:


The Cerb40? It has multiplexed interrupts, but I couldn’t find anything about multiplexed analog, specifically.

You are putting the pot between VCC and GND and applying the center tap to the Cerb40?


The Cerb chip (STM32F405RG) has 16 analog channels shared by the 3 ADCs. As for the pot: yes.


That’s what he means by “multiplexed”. There isn’t a one-to-one correlation between ADCs and channels.