Cerb 40 current question

Do the pins of the cerb 40 limit current?
For example do you have to put current limiting resistors in place for LEDs?
Just want to make certain before I break something inadvertently.

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The pins of the Cerb40’s MCU are wired directly to the exposed pad, so the question is really “Do the pins of the MCU limit current”? No. You need an appropriate current limiting resistor to hook up an LED directly.

Thought so, I was just “having a moment” where uncertainty prodded me and made me feel like I’m stoopid. Which based on this question is probably true.

Ignore this question, move along, move along …

Oohhh to be able to delete a topic to avoid embarrassment

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@ Justin -

Love it!

Very much so - i have tweezer Arthritis - need a break…