Cellular support

which sim modem/networks was supported by default on TinyClr (2G,3G,4G) because i want to own an sim module that is supported by GHI default.

my work is to use http client over sim…

i have those sim modules
sim800l,sim900a, (2G)
sim7000g lte(4G),
on wait sim5xxx (3G)

We have ppp support, meaning you can use any modern that supports ppp. https://docs.ghielectronics.com/software/tinyclr/tutorials/ppp.html

I think most modems do

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thanx ,
thanx a lot in sample was clearly mentioned LTE IoT 2 Click and Simcom Sim900 that’s enought for me to start to explorer.

While on this subject, what are your preferred sim card providers?
I was looking at hologram.io, oliviawireless.com, or use just your local ISP.

i’m using local provider (4G)
3.99 EUR - 5 GB monthly
9.99 - 20 GB monthly

they support (3G and 2G too)

I have been pretty happy with hologram.io. All my SIMs are here in the USA but they do provide global coverage.
Their cheapest is through T-Mobile, $7.50/month, 250MB.

They have many other plans and providers.