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Cellular shield works fine!



Sparkfun Cellular Shield ( works fine with Domino ;D! It is only necessary to wire D2 to D0 and D3 to D1 because the Cellular Shield needs to be connected to the domino COM1 port. There are also two solder jumpers on the shield; it seems that soldering them it is not necessary to wire D2 to D0 and D3 to D1. I did not try this because in my situation I don’t need Domino D2 and D3 and I don’t like to solder over the shield…




Cool. Tag your it. Now have to write up in Code/Fezzer entry :slight_smile:


Sure! ASAP!


Great! Went nuts looking for the code I used to test this shield but I lost it. It is great you got it and I hope you can share the drivers