Cellular Radio Module. Provider says i send MMS instead of SMS


have a problem with my provider. i send with my cellular radio module 163 messages with this command

Now i get the invoice from my provider and they say that i dont send sms. they mean i had send mms from my sim card. 

How can that be? ok its about 67 Euro. its not a big disaster but its infuriating.

Anyone can say me how that can be happend?



May be billing is set-up wrong on their side? Do you have access to any of the phones you have sent the message to? If so you can check the message details and show them that it was SMS. Or send the message to your phone and check its details.

Yeah good idea. i check the sms/mms later and than i will see what kind of message it was. i checked my bill and there is no normal sms all outgoing messages was from kind mms.