Cellular Radio 1.1


I red a lot of post to make this module working but nothing…
I am a bit lost with it.
I have cerbuino bee, and the module connected to socket 2 as recommanded by designer.

The first thing I haven’t, is the debug command…
I do this in my ProgramStarted

cellularRadio.DebugPrintEnabled = true;

Nothing hapend to have feedback from module to know what happend…
I am in 4.3 - 2016R1PRE

How can i have this serial debug command back (AT commands) ?
Do you have to have other lines in code ?
Do I need other serial software ?
I thought it was feedback in the traditionnal debug console…

Thanks a lot

I answer to myself, Ifound sent and receiving line events to get (I think) AT dialog
like this

void ProgramStarted()

            Debug.Print("Program Started");

            cellularRadio.DebugPrintEnabled = true;            

            Debug.Print("ON : " + cellularRadio.IsPoweredOn.ToString());
            cellularRadio.ClockRequested += cellularRadio_ClockRequested;            
            cellularRadio.ImeiRequested += cellularRadio_ImeiRequested;
            cellularRadio.OperatorRequested += cellularRadio_OperatorRequested;
            cellularRadio.PhoneActivityRequested += cellularRadio_PhoneActivityRequested;
            cellularRadio.PinStateRequested += cellularRadio_PinStateRequested;
            cellularRadio.SignalStrengthRequested += cellularRadio_SignalStrengthRequested;

            cellularRadio.LineSent += cellularRadio_LineSent;
            cellularRadio.LineReceived += cellularRadio_LineReceived;




        void cellularRadio_LineReceived(CellularRadio sender, string line)
            Debug.Print("R> " + line);

        void cellularRadio_LineSent(GTM.GHIElectronics.CellularRadio sender, string line)
            Debug.Print("S> " + line);
        void cellularRadio_SignalStrengthRequested(CellularRadio sender, CellularRadio.SignalStrength signalStrength)
            Debug.Print("SIGNAL STRENGTH: " + signalStrength);

        void cellularRadio_PinStateRequested(CellularRadio sender, CellularRadio.PinState pinState)
            Debug.Print("PIN: " + pinState);

        void cellularRadio_PhoneActivityRequested(CellularRadio sender, CellularRadio.PhoneActivity activity)

            Debug.Print("Phone Activtiy: " + activity);

        void cellularRadio_OperatorRequested(CellularRadio sender, string operatorName)
            if (operatorName != null)
                Debug.Print("OPERATOR: " + operatorName);
                Debug.Print("NO OPERATOR WAS FOUND");

        void cellularRadio_ImeiRequested(CellularRadio sender, string imei)

        void cellularRadio_ClockRequested(CellularRadio sender, DateTime clock)
            Debug.Print("CLOCK: " + clock.ToString("r"));

The sent line event works well and is raised when sendATCommand is used, but can’t make the receivingLine event working…
I have no response from the module…

Any idea ?

I am sorry, but the cellular driver from GHI is kind of the black sheep in the driver setup from GHI. Its works for some, but unfortunately not for most. There is a range of people with their own drivers that has made the module work with plenty of changes to the original driver.

The first change I will suggest is to add a few lines in the driver to print out the lines it sends, and the lines it receives from the modem if DebugPrint is true.

@ John has been asked to make this little change, but he does not think it makes sense. So… :whistle:

Better to grab the source and use this to create your own driver. I’ve had to do a number of things to the driver to get it stable.

Is the module powering up? Does the LED’s blink when powered up?

If power is up, then wrong baud rate or RTS and CTS issues are normally why nothing works with UART’s.

Thank you for responses.

Yes, the module is ON. Status is ON, and the net led is blinking quickly. So, I red that it is because it has not network yet (probably due to the PIN code is not entered)

The sent event raises correctly when i send command. But the receive event don’t. My first think was, like you, to think that the serial baud rate was not good. For this, I will put oscilloscope to see what I have on Tx from module.
I red we expect to have 19200, is that true ?

For the driver sources, I went on the codeplex, didn’t find the cellular module on GHI folders. Only on seed. But it seems tht the Seed’s one is 4.2. Which one do you use ?

Thanks a lot again for your help

Try this one