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Cellular Module: incoming call not detected


Got my Seeed Cellular Module today and I couldn’t resist playing a bit around with it.

Calling from the module and sending a text message to the module are working fine, but when I call from my mobile to the module the IncomingCall event is not raised. The IncomingCall event is raised when the “+CLIP” response is received from the chip, but for some reason I don’t receive the “+CLIP” response when calling to the module. I do get a “RING” response, but that’s not implemented (jet).

I’ve already created an “Issue” on the Cellular Radio CodePlex site, including a proposed solution ;D:

Another thing I noticed (and probably related to SIM900 chip firmware) is that DTMF is not working. Sending “AT+DDET=0” and “AT+DDET=1” to the chip both result in “ERROR” :frowning:


Why not put it on the code site:


Thanks for sharing. Contributions will make drivers better very quickly.