Celebrating OberonHAP success on mount Pilatus

I hope @ Cuno doesn’t mind me borrowing his pictures from Twitter and showing everyone here.

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@ Gary - Nice pictures. But, if you’re going to share the pics then please share the story too.

There was no story, just the title I shared and the pics.

Oh…OK. So, it’s just a company outing celebrating recent successes. The first time I read that I thought they were celebrating something they did [em]with[/em] OberonHAP while on Mt. Pilatus.

@ ianlee74 - sorry for the confusion, the Oberon team is celebrating by going to the mountain.

Come on! Its The Mountaineer Group and they have been so busy that they havent had time to update us since april last year!

I guess they are doing really good!

Not much story 8) Indeed just us going on a day trip to central Switzerland after a lot of work, and celebrating our first commercial successes for our OberonHAP software (http://oberonhap.com). In about two weeks, I’ll be able to tell at least a bit more of the story.

In our Mountaineer firmware release last year, we had included an experimental crypto library called Oberon.NaCl. It was based on Dan Bernstein’s NaCl implementation, but we created a massively optimized version of these algorithms as well. We are using this code for encrypted and signed remote firmware updates for our Limmat boards.

When Apple last year announced HomeKit, we realized that they used a similar set of algorithms. So we took the bull by the horns and also implemented the HomeKit Accessory Protocol which uses these algorithms. This is starting to pay off, as there don’t seem to be other implementations of the protocol that come even close to the performance and tiny memory footprint of OberonHAP. These are critical parameters for bringing the costs down for e.g. smart HomeKit light bulbs based on BLE.

Now we are back from the mountains, and ready for a good night’s sleep…