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CDC For Windows 8


Is there a windows 8 driver for the CDC VCom?

[Edit]Just for Context the error message is: Windows could not copy all of the files needed to install this device driver software. This sometimes happens when the driver software was not designed for this version of Windows.


I don’t think there is one, but may be GHI has something in the works.


Yea, but because CDC is not supported on Gadgeteer, they may not develop one. What do you think it would take to modify the Inf files to support windows 8?


Looks like everyone has the same problem Looks like Microsoft’s being mean again.


Right then, I restarted and ‘Disable driver signature enforcement‘ and was able to install the CDC and Debugging interface drivers. I only got 1 blue screen so far so let’s hope for the best.


Good luck! :slight_smile: