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CDC for Dummies from a Dummy



I just got CDC working and it is great. Thanks to the excellent support from the team and the users here. The trick to getting it working (for me at least) is to make sure you have the right drivers available!

Also if you are new to Visual Studio as I am, make sure you enable expert settings. To enable “Expert” settings: click Tools -> Settings -> Expert Settings to enable the “pause” button.

Don’t use the autoinstall drivers, they seem outdated and you should do the driver install by hand so you know how. Just plug in the device and wait for windows to ask where they are (Under the NETMF SDK available on

I got the Fez Term example from:

(link removed)

I was able to change the target from Panda to Domino by changing the resources for CdcPlusDebugger.

Now, what was confusing to me is that there is another set of drivers! You can get those from:

(link removed)

Please take note of this website!!! GHI Electronics makes the drivers and API that FEZ uses. It isn’t just documentation, there seems to be a lot here. But for now get the drivers and put them aside and unzip them. You will install them after you run CDC for the first time!

So start off with the drivers in the SDK, hit the debug button in VS and run as normal. If all goes well, debug messages from FEZ will indicate that you should break and continue. But windows will ask for drivers, now you must point it to the drivers you got from the GHI website, not the original FEZ drivers.

If windows doesn’t complain, you are good, if you see CDC Enabled in the debug window you are golden.


Would you like to add this info to the wiki? I am sure it will benefit others

I can help you with some experince points :wink: