CC3000 Pin assignments

I’m trying to help out with the debug of the cc3000 module and am wiring to a cerb40…
What are the pin assignments for the cc3000 so i can wire it up correctly?
Does the module use 5 or 3.3 v?
i know
pin 9 is clk
pin 8 is MISO
pin 7 is MOSI
as for the rest i’m not sure

No answer - Must be a trade secret :wink:

guess so just trying to help out with testing out the driver.
got it working on 2 Adafruit boards but no response on the GHI one so i’m sure i have it wired it up wrong.hoping to test the firmware update for Valkyrie-MT but the Adafruit already has the current firmware

How are you able to determine the firmware version?

I’ve tried to connect my Adafruit to my Cerbuino and can’t get anywhere. How are you powering it? I was using the 5v pin from the socket.

@ mhectorgato

@ Valkyrie-MT sent me his latest driver that updates the firmware and it is responding with

SP Version is
i could not get the default pins to work so i tried these pins in a cerb40

  wifi = new CC3000Driver((Cpu.Pin)7, (Cpu.Pin)8, (Cpu.Pin)32, SPI.SPI_module.SPI1);

I am also using external 5v power from a wall wort.

@ GHI could you please supply the answer to this?

@ MikeCormier

Sorry about the delay, the module does not use 5V. It is only connected with 3.3V.

@ Aaron thanks.
how about the other pin assignments?

@ MikeCormier

The module requires an IRQ pin on pin 3 and any GPIO on Pin 4. Pin 5 is not connected.

@ Aaron
thanks 1 last question is pin 6 CS or and vben 4 or is CS pin 4 and VBEN not used?

Thanks … maybe my issues are related to the power coming form the Cerbuino.