CC3000 Embedded Wifi is making big progress!

Hi all,

I just wanted to show off some of the capabilities that I have working on the TI CC3000 embedded wifi controller. Since the first codeplex release, I have coded the following:

[ul]Firmware Patcher
Network Discovery (with signal strength)
DNS Lookup

Here is a video of some of the new stuff in action!


Excellent , is this with the TI dev board ? Or the GHI module ?

The driver is compatible with any .NET MF device and I have gotten it to work with both the GHI module and the TI dev board. However, this video uses my own device and there are ongoing stability issues with some hardware.

this is really awesome :slight_smile: more features than the big dogs :wink:

keep up the good work man…



When will this be available (meaning codeplex) to play with?

That is frickin’ awesome! Someone hurry up and get the modules in the store!

The module is on “Sale” 8)

It stills says Preview. Therefore, you can not add it to the cart.

Yea, but those are for people with free time right now… I didn’t want to take from someone that can actually contribute. If they’re still available after Maker Faire this weekend then I may jump in.

I just checked in ( local name resolution that appears to work! I went through a few options, mDNS, LLMNR, DHCP Inform, and NetBIOS Naming. I really wanted LLMNR to work, but despite the cc3000 sending what looked like perfect responses, the clients never seemed to accept the name. The DHCP Inform, just didn’t work, I think you have to specify hostname in the initial DHCP negotiation with the router and I don’t have that level of control with the cc3000. So, I ended up, unbelievably, with the oldest method… NetBIOS Naming. It just plain works… The mDNS worked almost immediately. So with those 2 working and a web server running, I have now run for 24 hours! The image is what my testing looks like. That’s my development machine (windows 8.1), an iPad 2, and a Surface RT. All of which are happily resolving the name “cc3000.local”. Now, you might ask, what about my Android!? Well, I have a Nexus 7 for testing of that platform as well, but guess what… Android does not support any local name resolution. So, there is nothing you can do to make it work, other than setting the hostname through DHCP and letting the router answer the DNS request, but as I mentioned, I don’t have that level of control on the cc3000. I have suggested the change to TI, with no response.

However, the cc3000 did stop responding at least 5 times in that 24 hours, but my software watchdog detected that and bounced the chip and automatically resumed the server. My focus now will to try and eliminate whatever is causing the cc3000 to stop responding… although, IMHO, there should not be any circumstance where that ever happens…