Catch me if you can

Pulling hair out of my head for a day finding out this price of crap. I am not sure if I am happy or ready to kill someone :confounded:

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what is this first to know it :slight_smile:

It is a resistor that is broken in half

:thinking: Hmm, don’t recognize that corner from any of the existing SOM’s, at least based on pictures online. Is this a new SOM in testing?

You are not supposed to look anywhere else besides the resistor :nerd_face:


Originally thought you were working on a curling iron

Then seen the top blue board and thought it was this


Here is a close up

How did you manage to do this? :rofl:

Never seen a broken in half resistor before. Must have been a huge headache to find!

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Now might be a good time to buy a 20K USD metrology inspection station :smiley:

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Man, that new PnP machine is really aggressive.

Resistance is futile

ohmmmmm.jpg by lizzylou



I did not think you had the capacity to be that funny!

You made me choke…

I have one of these shirts too…
Ohms Law T-Shirt 1 |

Which honestly, join, serial, much more puntastic IMHO

They sure sting you on price if you switch to AUD, what should be A$33 becomes A$41. Ouch

welcome to (one part of) the Aussie Tax.

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