Case ChipworkX - Almost Ready

This is the housing for ChipworkX, almost ready. We did it for one of the projects we’re working on.


looks cool…

Very nice.

What type of project is it? (if you are able to discuss) Looks like some kind of entrance security device.

Access Control System.

In this case the ChipworkX acts as the intermediary between RFID readers (active and passive) and personal turnstiles, vehicle barriers and administrative system.
We use the SQLite database, so that the ChipworkX also has the ability to operate autonomously, in event of failure of communication with the central server.


Thanks for the explanation - it’s interesting to me to see all the different ways that people use these neat little devices!

This looks good!

Those clear acrylic plates on picture #3 looks very familiar. :smiley:

Nice job!

Yes, is the template published in the wiki page, without screen region, the screen is turned to front of the ChipworkX module.
The acrylic plates protect the ChipworkX board from the enclosure, in the same enclosure below the board have a various
relay boards and the cabling from the RFID readers.




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Looks great!