Career Opportunities at GHI Electronics

We are always looking to add more bright developers to our team. See the “Career Opportunities” section on contact us page for more details.

Too bad I’m on the other side of the ocean :frowning:

Too bad I’m not a bright developer :snooty:

You are so humble. I am sure you fit well at least one of these:

-Schematic Capture and PCB Layout Engineer
-C++ Developers
-C# Developers
-CAD Designers

Next time, locate your offices in Belgium :slight_smile:

@ Architect : I’m this humble also because of the distance :wink:

With all that grows,who knows. May be there will be “GHI Europe” some day :wink:

I just took a look at the price of a monthly airline ticket subscription Amsterdam - USA… This is not going to work out :stuck_out_tongue:

GHI Needs a office in western Europe :smiley:

It seems none of us lives near GHI !!!

Maybe there is work that can be done without being there phisically ! but i dont think so…

Open up in Germany, and Ill jump in! :slight_smile:

How about an office in sunny warm Southern California 8)

GHI Nashville has a nice ring to it! You could probably come up with a country song to suit it :wink:

Some days I feel like I already work for you, Gus. It’s easy to spend more time here in the forums than doing productive work. You’re a genius! :o

GHI Chicago has a much nicer ring to it, I think. :smiley:

you’d better choose an office in Western europe

I suggest one of the most attractive city in France, Toulouse…

Ask Nicolas3, he knows the place (me too know the place)…

This could be the ideal place to enter European market… in Toulouse, we have Airbus, Continental,
Freescale, EADS (space & defense world wide company)…

So, if you want to go to Toulouse, I’m your guy to deal with that stuff !!!

May I bid? :slight_smile: :think: