Capture Debug Output and Send to Serial

I’m trying to capture and send the debug output from the cellularRadio module to the serial stream. I don’t see how to do this. Does anyone have an example? What I am sending the CellularRadio is something like this:


The debug window outputs:
CellularRadio : < GPRS

But I want to capture this and send it to the serial device…

you would need to be using serial debug.

But you could dig into the driver source and see if the debug.print() comes from there and deal with that how you like?

HI Brett,
I guess I’ll need to make an event handler in the driver source because it looks like the debug output from the SIM900 is occurring asynchronously from the rest of the threads.

I’m using the driver that GHI provides (NOT the tcp/ip driver). Can you point me to the source for this driver so I can add this functionality and recompile it?

@ shanekirkbride - GHI usually publishes the source for Gagdeteer modules here: . But the cellular module does not seem to be there?

Thanks Mike, I think I’ll need the cellular module but this is a good reference for the future.

the cellular module is a Seeed module, and the debug.print lines are in there (I checked).