Capacitive touch + distance sensors = PulseCapture

This is one of our favorite features that is coming to the next SDK. PulseCapture simply generates a pulse and then waits for an “echo” and capture it. Everything is done natively so timing is accurate. Developers have the option of using two pins, useful for ultrasonic distance sensors. A single pin can also be used for capacitive touch. Capacitive touch lets developers read the “touch” using a simple pad. This works as our bodies have capacitance. Interesting things can be done with capacitive touch. Watch this video for example, where objects are used to detect touch. The best part is that there are no limits. There are as many capacitive inputs as there are pins on the micro. This feature will be supported on all devices except the FEZ Hydra, yes even the FEZ Cerberus will have it.

So here is a project idea for the summer. Get some bananas and distance sensors then generate tones that change based on the distance and to the bananas’ touch. Would we call this banana distance piano a bandisiano?


GHI goes Bananas



Very cool! So, now every FEZ (except the poor neglected Hydra) is also a Makey Makey!

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@ Gus - Any ideas when we’ll see the next SDK. The kids will love this. This is the sort of project that almost (almost) makes you wish it was raining outside.

We will release the sdk on the next rainy day :slight_smile:

Just kidding, it is about a week away.