Capacative touch screen? Naaa! Atmel XSense

See how revolutionary new Atmel XSense touch sensors can bring touch functionality to a wider array of consumer and industrial products. OEMs will be able to create larger, lighter, sleeker, curved and edgeless designs.

I want one!

Welcome to the community Mikeb.
I am sure that one day GHI support such touchscreens with some of the products. :wink:

Joe thank you. But question, do you know who this is?

OMG it is you Mike B. Your avatar in not GHI’s logo! You tricked me.

Guys let me introduce Mikeb our production line manager. :slight_smile:


Mike is the production manager and wants this touch technology - please make one for yourself and a few more for us when you at it :slight_smile:

I have used the Atmel Qtouch and like it, so I am very sure that Xsense will be awesome.

Get that guy a GHI logo!

Nice to see you in the forum, Mike!

hahah yeah, sorry.

That is an awesome technology!

First you need to make enough money off the awful Titanic movie (which made me hate Celine Dion like nothing else) before you can tackle something like Avatar.


@ Pete

hahah nice :slight_smile:

give. It. NOW!

Also hello mikeb!!

Hello MikeB! Good to see you here. Now get back on the production line! There’s still stuff out of stock! :wink: Just kiddin… Take the night off then get back to it in the morning!

XSense looks awesome. I just forwarded to my manager. Time to start thinking about how smartphone & tablet software design changes when you’re no longer locked into a flat rectangle. Other than just taking a flat design and wrapping it around a curve, do you see any new UI possibilities given this new dimension?

My narrow sighted view is - how the heck does a home hacker do something with it?

As soon as Gus gives us a curvy, zero edge, touchscreen Gadgeteer module we’ll know :wink:

Maybe a curved touch screen display built into your door panel of your car to enter the unlock code. When not in use, it could turn the color of the car and blend in?