Can't have too many leds

Six rings - Red, Green, RGBY, Blue, Yellow and White. Running on Justin’s Master SPI v1.0 board. Total 193 LEDs ( including power LED on the board itself ;D )


I don’t like it. You didn’t use at least two sockets on Master SPI. You’re not trying hard enough. Yes yes, I know, they’re not S sockets, but still… :wink:

I will think of something.

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Nice one :slight_smile:

Master SPI is a good one! I like it. :wink:

6 rings, hmmmmm 1 ring too many for something else that is coming up.

Seriously you blinkie guys kill, me its like a flash back to disco (oh ya ‘Daddy’s Money’ at the The Summit the club of choice, three piece suit and all, even had hair back then).