Can't get usbizi to work on Mac OSX Yosemite


I have an old FEZ Panda II that I want to program, I have the USB cable plugged into my Mac.

I run the Arduino app and don’t have the appropriate serial port showing.

usbizi does show up in the hardware list.

Can someone help me get this to work?



This is the USB hardware list and what the Arduino app show for usb devices available.

What does the Arduino program have to do with your Panda ?

May be he is trying to program the board using the Arduino IDE ?

Yeah I thought someone would have wanted to use their Mac running Yosemite to interface to a FEZ Panda II.

I can actually see it registered as usbizi on my list of usb devices.

I have a simple C app running in xcode which responds to connect and disconnect so I know the mac knows it is there.

I thought that since the Arduino program runs on my Mac, that it would support the Panda II.

These are not Arduino devices - at all. They may have Arduino headers which are mostly pin compatible with Arduino shields but they are not intended for use in Arduino IDE. They are programmed with Visual Studio under Windows.

You can use it once programmed under OSX but your code will need to leverage CDC mode

That’s an interesting question. Technically, these devices should be usable on any Operating system regardless. MicroNETMF is open source after all

@ Mr. John Smith - yes… now to make Visual studio work on OS X.

I have been doing .NETMF development for several years using Windows VMs and Fusion. In the past, some boards worked under VMs and other did not. I have not done any recent tests. The Panda II, last time I checked, did work with a VM.

I purchased a $300 PC from Dell and use it as my development machine. I run it headless, and use Remote Desktop on an IMac to connect to the PC. Easier that using a VM.

There does not seem to be a lot of members of the forum using Macs.

Visual Studio may be the easier problem. USB drivers might be more challenging.

As part of the Scratch work, I created a Scratch Gateway, which handles deployment and the proxying of Scratch firmata-protocol commands over a serial port (either a second port, or the primary port in CDC mode).

In order to try to support this on Mac and Linux, (esp the Mac wrt educational settings) I ported the relevant Debug and MFDeploy libraries to Mono. A mono project will be part of the source drop for, though it is in rough shape now and the Mac/Linux gateway will lag the windows version by some weeks. What this means is that yes, it is possible to deploy to (and of course, do serial interop with) NETMF devices from non-Windows hosts.

in THEORY, one could port the .net portions of the NETMF sources to mono, since mono compiler can target .net 2.0 and will emit the same IL code. You could then use the mono compiler to emit NETMF code and use my ported version of MFDeploy to deploy those. I have NOT tried this - it is a way bigger project than I care to take on now. The blue board fellow took this on in 2010 and never went beyond the initial checkin as near as I can tell, but I don;t know if that means he got dead ended or just bored.

Note to original poster : this doesn’t help you. You can get a netmf device to talk to OSX, but all of the above is either work in progress or just theoretical and it is not currently possible to program for NETMF anywhere but on Windows.