Can't get the EthernetENC28J60 module to work with SDK4.3 (R4)

Since upgrading to 4.3, I haven’t been able to get the ENC28 to function correctly on my Raptor board. It used to work, and now it doesn’t. I’ve look all over for answers and tried many different things.

I’m trying to call a web service from the FEZ Raptor board to write values to a DB.

I can get an IP Address and I can ping it, but communicating out from the board doesn’t work (when it did before).


I have opened the port and enabled DHCP (even Static doesn’t work).

POSTContent postContent = POSTContent.CreateTextBasedContent(xml);
HttpRequest request = HttpHelper.CreateHttpPostRequest(“url”, postContent, “application/xml”);
request.ResponseReceived += request_ResponseReceived;

I have omitted the url for security reasons.

I have NetworkChange_NetworkAvailabilityChanged and NetworkAddressChanged event handlers applied as well. it comes back with a valid IP, but won’t do anything.

could use some assistance with this as I’m on a dead line. :frowning:

thank you for your time,

Hi Dave, welcome to the forum has some of the background around the 4.2 to 4.3 changes. has a post that has a working example that should help you. IIRC there were some order-specific things you needed to do (differently) in the setup for things to work.

@ Brett - thank you for your reply… I’ve looked at the 2nd post… I still am unable to get it to work. :’(

if you copied their code, it should work (ie it’s a confirmed solution). Is that what you did ?

yes I did, so now I’m not sure if there is something wrong with my ethernet module or not.

@ Brett - do you remember what the order specific things are/were? I’m kinda desparate to get this working ASAP. :frowning:

I was able to get it working now… I manually (in code) set the MAC Address for the ENC28 module (whereas before I used FEZ Config) and I noticed that my webservice host changed without my knowledge. I corrected both and it is working now.