Cant find Gadgeteer socket A pinout

Every things I found with google seems to refer to old GHI website :frowning:

Can someone help ?


Pin 1: +3.3V
Pin 2: +5V
Pin 3: AIN (G!) – (G!) = optional GPIO w/ Interrupt
Pin 4: AIN (G) – (G) = optional GPIO
Pin 5: AIN
Pin 6: GPIO
Pin 7: [NC] – [NC] = Socket Type Pin Not Connected
Pin 8: [NC]
Pin 9: [NC]
Pin 10: GND

[NC] will not necessarily mean that those pins are not connected. They may be connected if the socket is shared with another type, S (SPI) for instance.

Thanks !

I’m using the current sensor module 1.0 by seed studio. Do you know on which AIN the signal is present ?

For our modules you can find that type of information on our new docs at .NET Gadgeteer Modules and also our Gadgeteer driver source at GitHub - ghi-electronics/NETMF-Gadgeteer

In this case, it’s the Seeed module so I would check their site: Current Module - .NET Gadgeteer Compatible - Seeed Studio