Can't find G120 USB Driver

So I want to update the firmware on a Cobra II that I haven’t used before. Hook it up to the USB on Windows 7 and no device shows in FEZ Config. Thinking there is no USB Driver on this new laptop, I call up the windows control panel->device & printers and a G120 device shows. I right click and choose install device driver, but after searching both the computer and the Internet, it doesn’t find anything. When I plug in the Cobra, the laptop beeps a couple of times but the familiar dialog box asking me if I want to install the device doesn’t appear. Suggestions?

open device manager itself and look at that. Right click the device with the exclamation mark and update driver from there…

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Assuming Windows7/8, hit Windows Key, type DEVICE MANAGER and run Device Manager. Update from there, pointing to files on your local disk if needed.

Got it. Thanks, Brett.