Can't deploy VS2010 to Domino via Serial

Hi all,

I have recently wanted to do some connections with my Fez Domino and have attached the mode jumper, and have successfully pinged my device through MF Deploy. however when i try to debug/deploy any project (even the simple LED flasher created in VS (port altered to Di9 due to jumper)) i get an error. If MF Deploy is connected and listening to the device it tells me i “an exception occured when attempting to start Debugger: object not set” (or something similar) and VS gives me the following error on the build output:

An error has occurred: please check your hardware.
Request failed
Source: Microsoft.SPOT.Debugger
Stack :
at Microsoft.SPOT.Debugger.Engine.Request.Wait() in c:\depot\current\CLIENT_V4_1\Framework\Debugger\Engine.cs:line 740
at Microsoft.SPOT.Debugger.Engine.SyncRequest(OutgoingMessage msg, Int32 retries, Int32 timeout) in c:\depot\current\CLIENT_V4_1\Framework\Debugger\Engine.cs:line 1947
at Microsoft.SPOT.Debugger.Engine.ResolveAllAssemblies() in c:\depot\current\CLIENT_V4_1\Framework\Debugger\Engine.cs:line 2661
at Microsoft.SPOT.Debugger.VsProjectFlavorCfg.Deploy() in c:\depot\current\CLIENT_V4_1\Framework\CorDebug\VsProjectFlavorCfg.cs:line 869
at Microsoft.SPOT.Debugger.VsProjectFlavorCfg.<Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop.IVsDeployableProjectCfg.StartDeploy>b__0() in c:\depot\current\CLIENT_V4_1\Framework\CorDebug\VsProjectFlavorCfg.cs:line 634
========== Deploy: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 skipped ==========

is there a step i have missed to enable serial deployment (as device works fine with no jumper via USB interface).

Thanks doe any help, Russell.

p.s. i have just downloaded and installed the GHI SDK, drivers and re flashed firmware.

Before you try serial, have you tried USB debugging and all is going well?

Welcome to the community.

sorry if meaning was lost… means i have been using USB, and needed to swap to serial so i could use Mass storage client…

Works as expected through USB

thanks for the quick reply.

What type of serial adapter are you using? The Domino serial port is 3.3V and can’t be directly hooked up to the PC’s serial port.

i am using the RS232 shield for arduino (purchased from GHI electronics) it Pings, returning TinyClr in MF deploy.

also, this is then going into a Serial to USB adapter.

Did you change the transport method in your VS project to serial?

yes. serial and Com7 (the same one i pinged in MF deploy).

Are you sing a rel serial port on the PC or it is a serial to USB converter?

It is serial to USB

Then maybe this is the problem. Is it FTDI? If so then there is threshhold you can set in the driver settings. It is 16ms by default, change it to 1ms.

it is a ‘y-105c’ model, which didn’t install its own drivers so it has the ones found here

not sure on the specs of the device.

I’ve looked at the driver properties.

It allows for the alteration of

Bits per second (currently 9600)
Data Bits (currently 8 )
Parity (currently none)
Stop Bits (currently 1)
Flow Control (currently none)

as well as the buffer settings
Use FIFO buffer (16550 Uart compatibly required)
Recieve buffer (1-14) (currently 14)
Transmit Buffer (1-16) currently 16)