Can't debug anymore

I’ve been working on several FEZ Panda II projects but today I find myself in the position of not being able to debug anymore. Apparently my code is no longer being downloaded into the device. It will run what’s there but not download new code I think.

When I Select “Start Debugging” I always get the dialog that says “There were deployment issues. Continue?” If I say yes things continue as I’m used to but the debug output is always the same even though I have removed some of the code so I seem to be running old code every time and can’t change it.

I build and rebuild with no errors. What has changed and how do I correct it?

I used USBizi Updater to reprogram the board to an initialized state. Is that what you mean when you talk about fez config?

I’ve determined that the problem is a software problem by loading several other programs onto the board and running them. I can load a program by hitting “step-over” and then can single step through it except when I return to the problem program. In this case when I hit “step-over” I immediately get the dialog indicating deployment errors.

deployment problems like this are often caused by apps that are in a very tight loop and consume the CPU, and the debugger thread doesn’t get a chance to service the debug/deploy request from the PC. Add a thread.sleep(1) somewhere in your main loop code and you might find that it breaks sufficiently to allow new deployments to proceed.

I have a main program loop with a Thread.Sleep() and this morning I changed the timer from 250 ms to 25 ms. I also changed some other stuff about the same time this problem began to occur.

I am slowly rebuilding the program by adding pieces of code back in to a new project. I know the debugger will work with a 25 ms Sleep time in general so although that may be related to the problem it isn’t the problem.

The problem occurred once but I reloaded another program and was able to go back to this program and continue w/o the problem occurring again yet.