Can't Create FEZ Panda 2 Solution in VS2010

Hi Guys,
Just got my FEZ Panda II board, installed the GHI NETMF v4.1 SDK and I’m trying to create a solution using VS210 Ultimate. The problem is that every time I do it I get a dialog popping up saying

"The project file .cs cannot be opened. The project type is not supported by this installation.

Same message whichever ‘Micro Framework’ solution I try to create. I have C# installed and working fine for all my other development work. Is this stuff compatible with the Ultimate version or is there something that I’ve done wrong. ::slight_smile:

Have you installed “Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.1 SDK”? That is the base SDK.

The GHI NETMF SDK is an add-on to the Microsoft SDK…

Doh :-[ :wall: That fixed it - thanks :clap:

I must be getting senile…

Glad I could help… :slight_smile: