Can't create AP with Feather board if password set

When I use with a Feather board, the code below:

           // Wifi setting
            var wifiSettings = new WiFiNetworkInterfaceSettings
                Ssid = "Feather",
                Password = "1234567890",
                Mode = WiFiMode.AccessPoint,
                Address = IPAddress.Parse(""),
                //DhcpEnable = true,
                //DynamicDnsEnable = true

AccessPoint is visible, but no way to connected to it.
If I set Password to “”, It works !

VS2022, all latest version: firmware and libraries.

It only supports open mode for now. No password.

So I think WiFi must be corrected:


Only WEP password security is supported. Do not set the Password for an open network.
But even WEP password seems to do not work.