Can't communicate between two Fez Cobra's

I’ve two Fez Cobra’s, one is configured with a display and talks to industrial equipment via 485. The other is configured primarily as a webserver / data parser.

Because of data timing ect, I’m splitting the various tasks up between dedicated boards, rather than a single more powerful board. I currently have Ethernet, (ENC28) modules connected to both.

Both modules can do Post commands to either a IBM AS/400, or to a small webserver created in .net 4.5 Both will respond instantly to a command from a browser window.

What I can’t get to happen, is a post command from one module to be recognized by the webserver on the other module. Even just to transmit a hello world, the webserver just refuses to acknowledge the event

( clientSocket = LocalServer.Accept(); is never reached)

The other odd thing, is if I even just try to open up a socket between the two modules, it seems to take about 4 seconds for it to be established. Its almost as if its working, but everything is super slow… (then the watchdog usually steps in, and its game over…)

The code works absolutely fine as long as I’m talking to either a browser, or pc / ibm webserver, just not between the two devices. Any thoughts on if there is any information that the Gadgeteer webserver is looking for, that is by default not put in by the Gadgeteer Webclient?


its going to be in your code, you’ll have to throw back covers to show that. A minimal framework that can be used to repro this would be the ideal thing to provide.

Are they Cobra or Cobra2 ?

@ michaelb - have you set a unique MAC address for each device?



Amazing how something so simple was the problem… It never would have occurred to me that was the issue, and it instantly fixed the problem.