Canopy temperature

Helo, is there any (small) IR-sensor for measuring the plant stress temperature? It should be work for min 3 meter distance.


Where have you heard this might be possible?

So we can have a look.

I guess the OP means something like this.
They are dirt cheap on eBay nd work really well.

The laser is just for pointing, it’s just an IR receiver(in the right band)with some optics. The optics are pretty important as many materials are not transparent at these wavelengths.

Haven’t seen any modules to do it(and haven’t bothered to search) , but I bet sparkfun would be the best place to start.the interfaces will probably be fairly generic.

How about this?

@ skeller - that’s the sort of thing. That module doesn’t have any optics and hence has about a 90degree field of view. I guess that would probably work for measuring an average temperature of the canopy.

Hmm, interesting, but OP is talking about a stress level, which I assume is coming from measuring other frequencies of the light spectrum? I might be wrong though…

Check out this family of sensors:

There seems to be sensors with different lenses.

Helo, thank you for help!

I read about canopy and temerature sensor here:

Wrong link, I dont see any mentions of the plant stress level and how to measure it… ::slight_smile:

I have always been thinking about that to my notebook camera, measuring my stress level, and forcing a break… :think: