CANopen Gurus wanted!

Any CANopen experts here?

Not an expert perse, but have some experience with it! Let me know if I can help.

We are thinking about adding a library to TinyCLR. Any thoughts?

I think that could be very useful, since it can be quite tricky to get a proper CANOpen implemented.
I’m not sure about the market for this, do you think there’s a lot of people needing it?

By the way, I recently wrote a J1939 parser. Is this something that could be interesting to add to the drivers repo?

Absolutely!! You send code, we send beer :nerd_face:

We are working with a few of customers in the industrial space and now anyways direct them to modbus. But maybe it is better to use can open. What are your thoughts on modbus vs can open!


I don’t have super much experience with modbus, but I would go with CAN if possible. Absolutely NO DOUBT!

It could be because I have developed a personal aversion against RS485 based stuff, but I don’t like modbus. I’d prefer CANOpen, something J1939 based or something proprietary. The stability, error checking and reliability of a well terminated CAN bus are just second to none.

Absolutely!! You send code, we send beer :nerd_face:

Haha, some SC20100S would be good too! :slight_smile:
I’ll modify some things regarding the J1939 parser and then I’ll see if I can submit a pull request to the repo.

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How broad is the usage of CANopen outside of vehicle-related applications?
Every PLC and industrial sensor/actuator interface I know of speaks modbus.

CAN totally dominates in the vehicle and charging-station world. MODBUS, in my experience is dominant in industrial, process, and facility management domains.


I am mostly active in the marine (river cruise ships) market. Modbus has been tradition here, but I am seeing a very (very, very) slow transition to CAN and CANOpen. I’m not sure why this is happening.

But you are right, modbus is the dominant way of communication in the sectors you listed.

They are an a box ready for you :wink:

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Modbus TCP eliminates the serial topology (RS-485) and allows for star topology as well as use of the standard Ethernet switches and hubs. Much greater distances too.

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I did some CANOpen. Made a small library for C# and one in C. By far not complete I guess.
I have to ask if I am allowed to share it tomorrow.

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Even if not complete it would be a good starting point and next time you need it you will find a NuGet for it.

By the way. I only did the Master side of it, not the device part.
Which implementation would you need? C# I guess?

We do but need any but we are arguing this to your customers to make love easier for them. Meaning ideally we would add both master and slave

I can share my CANOpen implementation with you.
Do you want C#, or C or both?
Where should I send it to?

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Whatever you have is fine. You can just send me an email if you like.