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Cannot ping Fez-mini


Hello, I cannot get my Fez-mini to communicate with the PC. Tried reloading MF4.1 and usb drivers from your site. I can build a new VS 2010 project but cannot ping the board with Deployment tool. Board has red led lit up.

In device manager, it shows GHI loader on Com11. When I choose USB from Deploment tool, nothing shows in the drop down. Any ideas?




Is this a new mini or has it worked before?

Sounds like it was powered on with the LDR button depressed. Sounds like you are in the firmware loader.

You can try loading the latest version of firmware.


If you see GHI Loader, then there is no firmware.
Follow the tutorials to upgrade your firmware through tera term.



Thanks for the quick support! Works fine now.


IF you want something very easy, you can also search the FEZ wiki for the FEZ panel. It makes updating the FEZ as easy as hitting one or two buttons!


Fez panel rocks. 8)