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Cannot deploy



I updated GHI NETMF SDK to version 1.0.17. Then I updated firmware in my FEZ Panda II.
I changed resourses in projekt and it`s work five.

Then I updated Microsoft NET Microframework SDK to versio 4.2 from Codeplex.
I rebuilded my project in Visual studio and tried debugg. It`s appeared this error:

Error 1 Cannot deploy the base assembly ‘mscorlib’, or any of his satellite assemblies, to device - USB:USBizi twice. Assembly ‘mscorlib’ on the device has version 4.1.2821.0, while the program is trying to deploy version

What`s the problem ? What is ‘mscorlib’. Which way can I changed ‘mscorlib’ on my device ?




You need to update.


You have netmf 4.2 installed. We only support 4.1 for now

Check our downloads.


In Visual Studio, in the project settings window, change “Target framework:” to .NET Micro Framework 4.1

You have to do that for every project in the solution.