CANBUS ".enable" always generates: System.Exception - 0xffffffff

I have a healthy (properly terminated and verified with other known good CANBUS nodes) CANBUS operating at 250Kbps that I am trying to connect a custom board I created that uses a G400D.

I am using 4.3 firmware and using the GHI CANBUS example code. I placed a Try Catch block for exceptions on the can.enable command and I always get the System.Exception - 0xffffffff

I am using: can = new ControllerAreaNetwork(ControllerAreaNetwork.Channel.One, ControllerAreaNetwork.Speed.Kbps250);

I have also tried to make custom adjustments to the BaudRateTimings.Brp, .Phase1, and .Phase2 but have had no luck with that either.

Is there anything else i need to do to the I/O pin to enable the pin as a CAN pin? On the scope, my bus is sending data once per second, but goes to full-on crazy activity as soon as I attach my custom board (which even though I’ve stopped the debugger, I assume it is still trying to run until I build and deploy again).

Any help is appreciated. I was hoping that the 4.3 firmware cleared up issues I’ve previously seen on the forums in the past.

Well, I think I’m on the way to figuring the problem out. After looking at my Microchip code for the PIC32 board, (which was written some time ago), I notice that the CANBUS settings are set to 3 Time Quanta for Phase 1 and Phase 2, and propagation is set to 3 Time Quanta.

I don’t think those are the default settings for the GHI CANBUS when it is opened and the 250Kbps is set.

My guess is that since I was always using a Microchip CANBUS analyzer tool connected to the Microchip enabled device, their advanced time settings were probably syncronized from the get go, but I need to do a little more work to get GHI G400D board to get on the bus with them.

After setting those, it still isn’t working, but I have a couple more settings to correlate the Microchip nomenclature to the GHI and try to match the settings.

@ jar1686 - You are correct that the built in timings use a SJW of 1. Can you post a complete example that throws the exception when you call Enable? Does it still through if you connect two G400’s together and attempt communication?