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CAN1 on FEZ Cobra


I’m porting my Controller Area Network (CAN) app from EMX to FEZ Cobra and my hardware guy said he had to wire up some levellers (or something like that) to the CAN1 RD and CAN1 TD to make them CAN High and CAN Low. I’m not a hardware guy but is this correct? Is the CAN on FEZ Cobra slightly different than EMX?


FEZ Cobra is EMX! You mean the EMX DevSys which has EMX module, and for CAN, it has a dual-wire CAN transceiver. This is little 8-pin chip that is needed to interface to CAN. It is a dumb analog circuit to convert the CAN signals into differential wire signal

EMX DevSys and FEZ Cobra schematics are online already so you can see how all is connected.


Yep, that’s what it looks like. A little 8 pin chip. I should never doubt my hardware guy. He is a magician :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick reply.

Edit: Yes, I meant the EMX Dev Board which has the EMX module, TFT display, CAN connected to the DB9 connector, etc.