Can you restock the DP Power Module?

Can you restock the DP Power Module? Or make it available with the Hydra. I have been waiting for a while and don’t need a second Spider just to get the DP Module.
Thanks, Mario

My assumption is that GHI has this (and many other) module queued up on their new production line.

We have our own line, 2 other companies are helping us and we are still out of stock!!

I just came back from APEX and I see the new machine is 50,000 CPH, ours is 21,000…time to upgrade lol

Sounds like you’re ready for a second machine already :wink:

Mouser expects to have the module in stock at “dec 03, 2012”. :smiley:

I have a USB DP module, ethernet (for hydra) and an OLED screen in backorder. USB DP and Ethernet are expected on march 12 (or december 3). No date for the OLED.

GHI’s store says they’ll have some on March 5th. Don’t order until after I’ve already grabbed one though :wink: