Can you guess what's next?

Look to the pictures for hints. :wink:

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FEZ Photo Booth? :smiley:

… Thom gives Gus pointers on how to bait a hook and leave it dangling? (as if he needs help there!!)


How about a < 2lb portable Gadgeteer PC with video out, WiFi, audio, USB support and the latest version of Tinkr with fully integrated keyboard and mouse support?

Fancy a NETMF/Gadgeteer PC that supports multiple users, runs as many apps as you can store on an SD card, WiFi FTP option in boot screen to transfer over new files, SQLite database to store settings and more features than you could throw a stick at?

All in a nice 3D printed case :smiley:

What? No hard drive? :wink:

LOL. 8gb SD not enough for ya?

rest of the case will be done in about 2hrs

That 3D print looks huge. What are the dimensions of this thing?

About 6x6x2 inches. A lot deeper than it needs to be but that way I can change around parts if I want. Has 4 faceplates to help w swapping too.

Ah. The perspective from the photo looks more like 16"x16" :smiley:

I wish I could print 16x16!

I wish I could print 6"x6" :frowning:

Sorry buddy. :frowning:

But here it is :smiley:

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Nice job! Looks like it could use a little sandpaper around the edges :wink:

Nice device. It’s great that you have a vision and you keep pushing it forwards!

Yup, a β€œquick” and dirty print on this one. I originally designed it as a 2 piece print but when I saw the print time I laughed and laugh and split it up.