Can we use Cortana offline?

Is it possible to use Cortana offline or do we need an internet connection for this to work in the same way Amazon’s Echo?

I am just thinking about how to use it for control of external devices but it won’t have a network connection.

@ Dave McLaughlin - Pretty sure the answer is no, at least for voice control. I am almost certain that using voice with Cortana sends the audio to the cloud to perform the speech to text translation.

I can tell you for sure that in my experience with Windows Phone, trying to use voice control with Cortana didn’t work for me without a network connection.

Cortana is a cloud service. So, there’s no real offline mode. However, if you haven’t seen the recent announcements about Microsofts IoT Edge product, you might find that it can do some of what you might need. With it, it is possible to take some AI and analytics and move them from the cloud down to the edge router (running just about any Docker compliant OS including Windows IoT Core or Linux). I’m still waiting to get my hands on the preview bits but this is exciting stuff.