Can we drive a 4 bit LCD with the SITcore?

Is it possible to use the LCD controller in the SITcore to drive a 4 bit LCD which are normally driven by the S1D13700 or similar LCD driver IC?

I have a Planar EL320.240 display that I’d like to build a 1 off custom project with.

The alternative is to develop a driver and use the S1D13700 as intermediate driver via the 8 bit bus. Plenty of code around for these.

My alternative is to use a Mega256 with Codevision but I’d like to use C#.

Good question: I have the same for 8 bit. A display with a ILI9341 controller.

why not? Maybe I am not understanding the question!

If we have to transmit a byte on D0…D7 is there any special function to set level(High or Low) of D0…D7 ?

Why not set each pin individually? Slow I know but if you care for speed then just use SPI

I was looking to drive the LCD direct without the use of the S1D13700 or equivalent. The EL panel I have has no controller bit into it. It requires 4 bits of data with HSYNC, VSYNC and CLOCK etc.

ILI9341 is usually an SPI driven display. And there’s good code for them.

I can use the S1D13700 but I was hoping the internal LCD driver could somehow be configured for the 4 bit display but it would seem not to be the case.

Usually isn’t always :wink: , and on my display I can only use with 8bit data.