Can UART signal be inverted?

Is it possible to configure the G30 to invert the UART signal? (Similar to a Teensy 3.2)? I’d like to do this in configuration/software and not an external chip/circuit.

@ jrowe88 - What do you mean by Inverted?

Also in your response. What is 2 * PI * r if r = 15?

Usually inverted uart is RS232 levels. You can’t connect these directly to a microcontroller. A converter chip is needed.

@ andre.m - the whole signal is inverted so that would affect the start and stop bits…

@ Gus - it is actually a custom protocol at 0-3.3V (“S.Port” FrSky transmitter), but simply inverted 0/1.

Then you need an inverter chip. You can’t do this in software alone unfortunately.